Discover the vitality that becomes available when you 
no longer try to control your life.

 Sedona Method Intensive, 21 & 22 may 2016, Holland.

 Theme: “From resistance to Flow”

 Presented live by Maarten Klatte, MD. and Liesbeth van Woerden


 Resistance blocks the flow of life and restricts our vitality and health

 Resistance requires much energy and has its roots in polarization. We live in a time of increasing polarization. Polarization between rich and poor, man/woman, religious/non-religious, employed/unemployed, open borders/closed borders, east/west, peace/war etc. 

Everything we experience appears in a polarity!

 And within that polarity we often develop an attraction to one pole and an aversion to the opposite pole. Think about your favorite pole regarding warm/cold, activity/rest, light/dark, pleasure/pain, liberal/conservative etc.

It is helpful to see that one side of the polarity is not better than the other.

They are simply extremes. Different sides of the same coin. And one side does not exist without the other.

Resistance occurs only when we hold on to our preference for one pole or our aversion to the other pole.

 But if we resist what we don’t want, we reinforce what we don’t want!

A good example is if we resist pain, it usually becomes worse.
And holding on to what we do want doesn’t work either. Because everything changes. Like any other feeling pleasant feelings come and go.

This 2-day intensive is an inner adventure in which you become aware of how control and resistance restrict the flow and joy in life. And you will reactivate your natural ability to let go of these self imposed limitations. Effortlessly.

 Unblock your life stream and dicover your essence.

 Flow occurs when we go beyond the polarity. The Sedona Method is the easiest way to go beyond polarities and dissolve polarization.

 And beyond the tension that exists between opposites we fuse with the background Silence that is always here, and connects everything.

 Regular exposure to this Silence helps us to see that we are not what we think and feel. We discover that our essence is that which is aware of what we think and feel.


Our ability to let go, allows us to let go of resistance to life and supports us to shift from resistance to participating fully in what we do want. We experience this as Flow.

Flow feels lighter, saves energy and is definitely more fun.

 Course Structure:

On saturday morning the 21st of May, registration starts at 9.30AM

At 10.00AM there are two paralel sessions: One for newcomers and for those who would like a review of the Sedona Method. The other session is for graduates.

Saturday evening Maarten Klatte, MD, for integrative awareness medicine, will share his insights about health and vitality improvement, based on more than 30 years of clinical experience. His presentation will be supported by live images of our internal environment. This is done with the help of a powerful microscope that projects blood cells on a screen (magnification of 100.000 X)

The blood is taken from participants in the audience. Just one drop from the fingertip. These images will illustrate the body mind connection, the field where The Sedona Method operates and impacts our self healing mechanisms.

 In these two liberating days, several clarifying talks on releasing topics will be presented. There will also be plenty of opportunities to deepen your practice in group releases  and in one on one excercises.

Your presenters

This Sedona Method Intensive will be presented by:

Maarten Klatte, MD, certified Sedona Method Instructor.

Liesbeth van Woerden, certified Sedona Method Coach.

Course Times:

Sat. 21st of May, registration starts at 9.30 am. Course starts at 10.00 am

Lunch break on both days from 1.00pm to 3.00pm

Dinner break on Sat.  from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm

Sat. Evening session: 8.00-9.30 pm. Course ends on Sunday at 5.30 pm


Nature / Nurture

The course takes place at conference center Mennorode,

Near a village called Elspeet on the edge of Hollands national park “De Hoge Veluwe”. Mennorode borders a nice forest for walk and talk during the breaks.

Lunch buffets on both days are included in the course fee. Lodging at the venue is recommended, it is optional and is not included in the course fee.

Reserve your room on time: or by phone + Ask for the special offer for Sedona Method participants: Single room 69 eu and double room 94 eu, this includes breakfast.


Course Fee:

The course fee is 210 euros, this includes coffee, tea and lunch buffets on Saturday and Sunday.



  1. Send us an e-mail with your name(s), address, phone number.
  2. Wire 210 euros to IBAN:  NL33INGB 0002050685, BIC:  INGBNL2A,  account name: Moeiteloos Gezond.

State your name, phone number and Sedona Method Intensive


When your fee is received we will send you a confirmation


For additional questions and information:

Or call Liesbeth at +31.628.651.801


Looking forward to meet you in Holland for an inspiring time together.

To your freedom and vitality,


Liesbeth van Woerden

Maggy Klatte

Maarten Klatte